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Here are our house rules/general terms and conditions, which have been drawn up to avoid all misunderstandings.
We place these rules clearly on our site and can also be read in the rooms.
When booking and usingThe Secret Rooms you automatically agree to this.

1. We guarantee your discretion and privacy at all times. We expect the same from our customers.
That is why you can only book a room after completing our form. After completing the form, you will receive an email from us with the options and payment will be processed.

2. The rooms will NEVER be rented to minors. No exception can be made to this.
In case of any doubt, we have the right to ask for an identity card.

3.The Secret Rooms is available for couples, cuckolds, gangbangs, swingers and other private events. We will advise you which room(s) or hall(s) you can book for the number of people you specify. It is also possible to rent our entire building on the closing day(s); However, one of our employees will always be present for this. A price will be drawn up for you for this.

4.The Secret Rooms is a room rental for private use and for organizing private events.

5.The Secret Rooms may not be used for (commercial) photo shoots.
Some photos for personal use are allowed. Photos taken inThe Secret Rooms may not be used for publication in any media without prior written permission fromThe Secret Rooms.

6. For most bookings we require payment in advance, either a deposit or the full amount by bank transfer or in cash at our premises. A reservation is only final after receipt of payment.
Payment can never be reclaimed, even in the event of cancellation. (regardless of the reason)
Date and time of reservation cannot be changed.

7. Drugs and other narcotics are strictly prohibited.

8. We have the right to deny access to 1 or more persons without having to provide a reason for this.

9. In the event of a "no show", the amount of the reservation made must always be paid. Reservation = payment, there is no Refund!

10. Settings of the facilities and of radio, TV and air conditioning are not changed by the customer.

11.The Secret Rooms is not liable for direct, indirect or consequential damage to goods or persons, nor is it liable for the loss of goods or incorrect use of facilities. Any claim in that regard is therefore rejected.

12. Respect our infrastructure.
Damage caused by the customer must be reported immediately and will be recovered from him.

13. If you as a customer do not respect these rules, we will not fail to take the necessary steps.
If you are unwilling/unable to comply with these rules, there is no point in coming to us as a customer.


14. The house rules must be respected at all times, you can find all of this in our store. If you break the rules, we can deny you access at any time.

15. In the event of disputes, only the Commercial Court of Zeeland-West-Brabant PO Box 35
4330 AA Middelburg

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